Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring break has finally begun! I seriously never thought this break would come and I could not be any happier. Bo and I are heading down to Fort Walton Beach, as I previously mentioned, and we are beyond excited! This has been a rough semester mentally, physically, and emotionally, so some time on the beach can definitely heal our higher education wounds! With that being said, I have put together a POLYVORE collection of what I personally consider to be essentials! 
Spring Break Essentials

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This year was the first time in about 4 years that I have bought a two piece bathing suit, because thankfully the high waisted trend works on my figure. I'm very excited to show it off on the beach next week! I'm also obsessed with the colored mirror lens sunglasses trend. The ones above are from Forever 21, and I also have them in black. Chapstick and sunscreen are a must! EOS is by far my favorite chapstick brand, and because they are so oddly shaped they are easy to find when you are fumbling through your purse or beach bag! Also, I love spray on sunscreen. It is so much easier to apply than the sunscreen lotion (which is literally one of my least favorite things in the world to be honest) and I like to get the Sport version so sweat isn't much of a problem.

But what would "SB2K14" be without a good playlist? Something to blast while you are driving on the interstate, with windows down of course, on the way to your destination. Well fear not, for I have put on together for you! It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face :)

I hope everyone enjoyed this post, and  if you are also on spring break then make it a great one! My boyfriend Bo and I will be filming and documenting our trip, so hopefully we will have that coming for you all soon! Now I gotta go pack our suitcases!

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