Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello everyone! I have been very busy with school these past couple months, have been without my own computer, and it has all been exhausting. Hopefully it all pays off at the end of the semester, which is approaching very quickly! Thursday of this week is my last day of classes until my Spring Break starts. My wonderful boyfriend Bo and I will be visiting my grandma in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, and it is going to be amazing just to relax for the week. With that being said, here are my songs of the week for everyone who is already on Spring Break and everyone else out there counting down the minutes.
1. Ungirthed by Purity Ring
This song is not new by any means, but it is still catchier than ever. I adore this band, and they are awesome live. We saw them at Bonnaroo last summer and were blown away by how much she sounded like herself on the album, voice alterations and all. Very cool band that I have many fond memories attached to.
2. Stand Still (feat. Micky Green) [Wave Racer Remix] by Flight Facilities
This may just be the happiest song I've heard in months. Seriously. If you clicked play on this video and are currently listening and do not have a smile on your face, then you are wrong haha. Really though, Wave racer does some amazing things with adorable sounds, especially water/raindrops, and that's all you really need to draw me in!
3. I. the worst guys(feat. Chance the Rapper) by Childish Gambino
Yes, Childish Gambino again. He deserves it. This song is so chill, and the video fits the vibe perfectly. My favorite part about this video is when they are in the ocean and the camera is underwater. The music is muffled whilst underwater, but returns to normal above water. It's little quirks like this that make me appreciate a music video.
4. Mirror Maru by Cashmere Cat
Boy oh boy this song has been constantly playing in my head for day. Cashmere Cat's style is so quirky and unique, which naturally I was drawn to. I love the squeaky chair and syncopated beats are to die for.
5. Say That by Toro y Moi
SO GROOVY. I mean really. This used to play at rue21 when I worked there, but was just recently shown to me again by a friend. Everything about this is great. The video, the beats, and especially those glasses.

I hope you all enjoy these tunes! Are you on spring break now? Make sure you leave a comment about any exciting plans you may have!

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