Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great spring break (if you had one)! Bo and I sure did! Although the weather was not ideal, we still enjoyed our trip to Fort Walton Beach, Florida. And it wasn't even the temperature that was the problem; it was the wind. But besides that, the trip was very relaxing and just what we needed. Here are some pictures from our spring break!
My grandma lives FWB, so we were able to stay with her while we were visiting. She lives in the most adorable little townhouse neighborhood that has all kinds of cute perks, like this alleyway that is behind her house (in high school this was THE spot to take myspace pictures haha)

We were able to go to the beach a few times, but the wind was just outrageous. Why spring break is in March, I will never know. Every year we try to go to the beach, we end up sitting out there fully clothed with blankets. Not really my idea of a fun beach trip, but the white sands and crystal-clear water make up for it.

On one of the chillier days we drove the Gulf Islands National Seashore from Navarre Beach to Pensacola Beach. This was by far the most beautiful road I have ever driven on, The whole time you are surrounded by sand and sea on both sides of the road. So beautiful! This will for sure become a tradition for us from here on out.
While in Pensacola, we ate at "The Best Dive Restaurant" there, called Shaggy's. It was not the best. But hey we got some free Fat Tire beer, so it wasn't too bad.

On our last day we had a lovely dinner with my grandma and aunt at Red Lobster. Afterwards, Bo and I went to a new hookah bar in town, followed by going Fudpucker's in Destin. When we arrived there, we found out it was teen night (for ages 13-17) and let me just say, witnessing that was probably the funniest part of our whole trip. It was like being at a middle school dance and it was hilarious.

All in all, we really did have a great trip. It was nice to get out of Alabama for a week and see the beautiful white sands of the Gulf Coast. We also did a lot of filming for our short little SB2014 documentary that will be coming soon, so keep an eye out for that!

What did you do for spring break? Comment and let me know!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Adorable! Where did you get those sunglasses? xoxo

    1. Thank you! I got them at, of course, Forever 21. They have them with pink/orange mirrored lenses too! <3