Monday, February 3, 2014

It's been a long time coming! So let's dive on into what I've been listening to lately.
1. Disclosure- You & Me (Flume Remix)

This song has been on repeat everywhere I go. I absolutely can not get enough of it. My favorite place to listen to it would have to be my car though. Feeling the bass is one of my favorite things about any kind of music. And then theres the video. I mean come on. It's all just perfect.
2. Childish Gambino-  V. 3005
Gambino's new album, because the internet, was a fresh, new kind of Gambino. And I must say I really love this Gambino. We saw him at Bonnaroo in 2012 and he was amazing then, which makes me very intrigued to see this album performed. This video is very simple, yet very beautiful. I didn't even notice the bear moving throughout the video until I watched it a second time. Nicely done.
3. Sky Ferreira- You're Not The One
I have followed Sky on Instagram for a lot longer than I have listened to her music. I was not expecting her music to be what it is, and boy was I hooked. I love anything that is reminiscent of the late 80's, early 90's, and she captures that nostalgia perfectly. And the fact that she will be on the BANGERZ tour makes me love her even more! 
4. Odd Future- Rella
oh, Odd Future, what have you done? I AM OBSESSED. I can't stop listening to them. Everyday. All of them. There is so much involved with their lyrics, inside jokes, and different personalities, that it is easy to get sucked in quickly. I must say BRAVO. They get it. They do not care what other people think WHATSOEVER. Their weird charm has won me over.
5. Earl Sweatshirt- Whoa
Again with the Odd Future. Earl's album "Doris" is beautiful in my opinion. His poetic flow sets him apart from other rappers. He uses peculiar words and knows what words work for him. Until you can sit down and listen carefully to his lyrics, you haven't really listened to Earl.

I have kind of been stuck in a rut when it comes to new music, but I'm about to start sorting through all the artists that Spotify keeps annoyingly emailing me about every single week to try to find something fun and new!

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