Monday, February 3, 2014


I have neglected this blog for months, but I am back in action! So I'm sure you're wondering "what was she doing that was so important that was keeping her from blogging?" And the answer is not really exciting in any way. I was working my part time job at rue21, taking 13 hours of school, and trying to learn how to keep up with the up keep of my first house. While trying to have a social life and relationship. Let's just say it was a hard couple of months. BUT, I have learned a lot and made a few changes in my life. I quit my job to focus on school and doing things that I love. I realized I'm to young to be so tired and exhausted for a paycheck that wasn't even enough to call home about. I now also have time to visit my parents more, which was a major drive behind quitting my job. Another change I have made has been a difficult and tiring task: becoming healthier. Since the first of the year, we have made a huge improvement in our diets and exercise. I must say it is like taking on another job. But the reward is very satisfying. Since I know have all this free time, I will also be focusing on this blog. 

I have many things in store for this blog, and I'm very excited to get back on my blogging grind! 
-More songs of the week
-Product reviews
-Latest trends
And much much more!

I am also working on a blog with a friend, which will be focusing on fashion around our campus! So stay tuned for more info on that project as well!

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