Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks of school, and everything else you may have going on! My finals were last week and after a lot of unnecessary stress, I managed to pass all of my classes! One semester closer to finally graduating! So this past week has been the beginning and end of my summer vacation, because unfortunately I start summer classes on Monday. I have used this week to lay around my house doing nothing, have a yard sale, and waste countless hours on Pinterest. I must say, it as been very relaxing and exactly what I needed. 

Since I have spent so much time on Pinterest (I'm almost ashamed to be honest, so addicting haha), I have felt so inspired all week to make something! So I headed to the closest Dollar Tree, picked up some supplies, and went to work! Here are some pictures!

1. A blank, white canvas
2. 2 packs of plastic cutlery (the kind that looks real)
3. 4 different colors of acrylic paint
4. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
5. Paint brush and palette (I used solo cups)
6. Water dish (I also used a solo cup haha)

1. Gather your supplies! I already had all the supplies other than the cutlery. I got it at my local Dollar Tree for a grand total of $2. The packs included knives also!
2. Paint the cutlery! I wanted a dipped effect, but did not have enough of the paint to fill a cup enough for a dip. Instead, I painted the front and back of each piece with a regular paintbrush. Depending on the colors you choose, a second coat may or may not be needed. I did a second just to be safe.
3. Let it dry! I allowed about 30 minutes of drying time so no marks are made on the canvas while placing them. Once they are dry, arrange them in whatever pattern or design you want!
4. Glue them on! I decided to lay them out on the canvas so I could individually pick them up and glue them. I put hot glue on the places where the cutlery is touching the canvas. But move quickly! That hot glue sure does dry fast.
5. Press them down! I made sure to firmly hold each piece for at least 15 seconds to ensure they are secure.
6. VoilĂ ! You now have a simple yet chic new piece of kitchen art!

My boyfriend and I preparing to move soon, so I thought I would go ahead and start making a few new things for our new place! I loved this project and I can not wait to hang it in our new kitchen. 

Did you enjoy this DIY? Leave a comment and let me know! Pin this post on your DIY board!

Just remember: BE CREATIVE! Throw the instructions I gave you out the window and do something completely different with it. Just have fun!

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