Friday, August 9, 2013

Leggings as pants?

I hear people all the time saying, "You do know leggings are NOT pants, right?" and it frustrates me. I completely disagree. I think that anything that is covering your legs could be considered pants. The jeans that are being sold in stores everywhere are just as skin-tight as leggings are, so why is it any different?

Well I am here to say that there is no difference, and also to say that you can't let "them" tell you what to wear anyways!

Here are some leggings from Forever 21's latest collection CAPSULE 2.1, and also a few from Nasty Gal, that are fun, edgy, and are just as good as pants. Enjoy!


Cutout Leggings $19.80
Cutouts are a huge trend right now that you can't go wrong with. It allows you to still be somewhat conservative while being edgy and raw at the same time. Now I am only 5'1" so these might not work so much for me ( short legs=nowhere for the excess to go lol) but if you are taller than me (which everyone is lol) then give these a shot!

Night Moves Zip Leggings $27.80
These leggings feature not one, but two popular trends : zippers and faux leather panels. These will for sure turn some heads, and come on. Isn't that exactly why we all do what we do? :)

Wild Tiger Leggings $15.80
I am honestly surprised that the whole animal print thing is still going on, but I do admire that they have moved onto using the actual animal as the print. Plus, you can't go wrong with cats! :)

Zip 'Em Leggings $32.80
Another variation of the zipper trend.

Pictures via Forever21

Nasty Gal

Daisy Leggings $38.00
FLORAL PRINT HAS NOT DIED! It has just gotten more influence from the 1990's. These leggings scream Blossom and I'm sure she would approve, too.

Get Lost Leggings $42.00
Also another variation on the cutouts trend, but these are a little less predictable. Moving the cutouts to an unexpected area is always exciting!

Lattice Leggings $48.00
These feature not only lattice work on the upper thigh, but a high waist as well. Perfect for crop tops!

Pictures via Nasty Gal

These are only a few of the dozens and dozens of different styles of leggings that are available! And don't let anyone tell you that leggings are not pants! Wear what you want!

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